Eye See You Photography

My name is Angelle Kraemer and I am born and raised on the bayou. 

I still live here and my husband and I have chosen to raise our children here. 

We have two boys, 1 girl, 3 dogs, and several rabbits. :)

I have always thought that the South, and especially Louisiana,

 had the best moments to capture. I love the landscapes, the monuments,

the sunsets, and the culture. However, I think the best mome

 to capture come from the people. I began taking pictures

 as an attempt to preserve what I saw and treasured. I began to

realize that people seldom saw themselves as I did. I have started

my photography business for this reason, to help others

see themselves as I do, truly beautiful and fascinating!

 The camera does not lie! So with the help of a camera,

I want you to know that.....